Our Restaurant Continued


Our reconnaissance trip to Northern Thailand (continue to photo album)

Back home, parents Hazen & Jill quickly adopted Dave’s vision, bringing their experience in construction and restaurant management to the table. The critical Red Seal Chef for LannaThai was secured early when Sheldon Kelly offered to join the family project. An agreement was made with Jeff & Nuit to create a unique East-Coast-style menu grounded in the authenticity of Nuit’s Thai cuisine.


An early team-building visit to Nova Scotia (continue to photo album)

Over many months, our team sought to bring the best of Thai food and restaurant culture to a rural Maritime town. Dave, Sheldon and Hazen embarked on a culinary journey to Northern Thailand, connecting with Nuit’s home community, learning traditional methods, and attuning their taste buds. Sheldon’s training continued with an intensive apprenticeship with Nuit in Toronto.

While building life-long friendships with their team and earning respect as a skillful Thai-style chef, he became equipped to lead a team of his own at LannaThai.

Ancestral roots and new family ties made Bridgewater the natural home for the new restaurant. Dave moved back east and the Truemans’ Kingsburg home became headquarters for the project. Sister Cate and husband Leon de Vreede’s network, built during the years they’ve called Bridgewater home, helped connect the project to skillful people and resources. When the Bridgewater public library moved, an opportunity for a prime location became available. As if by design, an archival search revealed that Hazen’s grandfather, Ernest Bayard Trueman, had been assistant manager when the building housed a bank in the early 1900’s. He had lived in the small upstairs apartment, soon to be occupied by Dave! There was little doubt that 547 King Street was destined to be the place for LannaThai Kitchen. Over the next year, extensive renovations would transform the character-filled space into an eclectic and vibrant Thai restaurant.


The transformation of 547 King Street (continue to photo album)

We have truly been astounded by the welcoming support and interest we’ve received from our South Shore community. You have shared with us a great sense of anticipation, and we delight in the opportunity to share our passion for authentic Thai food with you. To the professionals who have helped us build this dream, to our steadfast family and friends, to each visitor with curious taste buds, we thank you for being a part of this team effort.

The Trueman Family

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Lanna is a region in Northern Thailand named after the historical kingdom of Lanna (pronounced “law-nah”). The name was suggested by Nuit, who comes from the area and from which she draws much of her culinary inspiration. Like the term “Maritimer”, Lanna represents both a location and a culture, one that evokes a sense of pride in those who call it home.